Summerland Apartments For Seniors
77 University Crescent | Winnipeg, Manitoba R3T 3N8 |
Resident Manager(s): Karen | Phone: (204) 269-7677
Dawson Trail Apartment
15 Leveque Street | Winnipeg, Manitoba R2J 0T6 |
Resident Manager(s): Sandy | Phone: 204-256-1011
455 Westwood Drive
455 Westwood Drive | Winnipeg, MB |
Resident Manager(s): Janice | Phone: 204-889-6073

Providing over 2000 rental units in Canada

WRE Development is recognized for its high quality projects and has experience in a wide range of residential properties. Their management is focused on preventative maintenance and providing prompt service to achieve maximum resident satisfaction. The company was founded in 1960 by Henry and Art Dyck, and began as a cabinetry shop. With hard work and dedication, the company diversified into home building. This experience laid the foundation for the move into property management in 1972.

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Maintenance Request

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Careers with WRE

Resident Manager required for building in the Winnipeg area. Successful applicants must possess excellent tenant relation skills, office management, maintenance and cleaning experience. Must be bondable and have a current criminal record check. Competitive salary and benefits package.

WRE Latest News

Move In Package
February 2012
The following information is for your convenience and we ask for everyone’s co-operation regarding those matters that are the Residents responsibility.

Move Out Package
February 2012
This move-out package was put together to eliminate any communication errors, which might occur at the time of your move-out.

Tenant Insurance
February 2012
Tenant insurance helps pay for damage to personal property should it be required. Tenants must also be aware that although the landlord carries insurance for the physical building, tenants are held financially responsible if they cause damage.